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Transformational Yoga is a truly integral yoga system. It synthesises techniques a variety of yogic systems to bring about rapid transformation.

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In Transformational Yoga

Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation

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Srima Yoga

117 A, 3rd Floor, Mandi Road, New Maglapuri, Mehrauli, New Delhi – 110 030, India. Ph. +91 9810670711

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Focuse on creating an awareness of the five beings that make us up: the physical being the prama being the mental being , the psychic being and the spiritual being . Participants will be introduced to the 7 chakras, and their relationships to the 5 being and helped to identify blockages in the chakras. Transformational Yoga aims to awaken all five bodies and seven chakras in order to experience a continuous state of physical health and stamina, emotional balance, higher mental guidance, unconditional love and faith, and spiritual bliss consciousness.

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