Executive Director World Wide

Executive Director World Wide

Executive Director World Wide

Arjun Goswami – Executive Director World Wide

After 4 years of working in Multinational Corporates, Arjun realised that his life path was to lead a holistic lifestyle and help others through the practice of yoga & meditation. With steady breath one finds stillness, connection, and peace within.

Arjun has been practicing yoga & meditation since his childhood days and has had the good fortune to learn and train with excellent yoga instructors & meditation masters. He has completed his 500 Level certification course at Srima School of Transformational Yoga under the guidance of his father & and a great Yoga Guru Shri Swami Vidyanand (Founder & President of Yoga Alliance India & Srima School of Transformational Yoga). With his combined knowledge of health & experience in corporates, his classes are focused on body-mind connection and your innate abilities to thrive. Arjun’s classes range from gently restorative to spirited flow highlighting proper alignment, mindfulness and breath throughout.

Corporate Workshops: -

Arjun has conducted various workshops time to time with various corporate groups like Ministry of External Affairs, Microsoft Corporation, American Express, Nokia, Siemens, Global Spa & wellness Summit, Egon Zehnder, Mckinsey, Ototect Corporation, Ernst & Young, & The Oberoi Group.

Private yoga sessions: -

A private yoga session with Arjun is a beautiful exploration to move more deeply into your own physical body. Using movement and breath, modern day tension and struggle can be transformed into strength and joy. Yoga & meditation can help reveal old habit patterns that no longer serve you and can give you new tools to improve how you feel towards yourself and others.

“Arjun greatly enjoys sharing the yoga space with others and to witness them become inspired by their own connections and abilities. His warm, light-hearted nature will put you at ease for a joyfully enriching experience”.

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