Short Term Courses

Short Term Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Pranayama Vidya – 5 Days Courses

Explane the five Pranayama ,Samana,Maha Pranayama, Vidyana and Udyna.
Yogic Prana Energy generate through Yogasana , Pranayama, Mantra, Dhayana
and Meditation.

Science of Hatha Yoga – 5 Days Courses

Yoga Charkas and yogic bodies relation through yogasan.

Kundalini yoga – 10 Days Courses

Purification of Yogic Chakara and Yogic bodies network of Para
bodies , Upra bodies relation of yogic Asana and Chakara through Pranayama
Vidya, Mantra and Bhakti Yoga.

Yoga Therapy Master 20 Days Courses

Science of yogic Chakara Since all Yogic bodies and Science of yogic energy
balance through ,Asana ,mantra through all Mental problem, psychological
problem etc.

Meditation Master – 10Days Courses

Physical Mind Pranayama mind, Phychic mind, Mental mind energy balancing
force Dyamension the mind through the Mantra , through the Observation through
the Prayers through the Mantra.

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